Autoimmune Diseases Testimonials



"Dr. Xiao is amazing, as is her staff! I am a massage therapist and have recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, however the exact condition is yet unknown. I have been shuffled from one specialist to another with no concrete diagnosis nor has any of these “western “ medical professionals helped my pain and fatigue. Having this condition is making my career difficult. I chose Great Wall Chinese Medicine because I know that acupuncture helps me. I also wanted to try moxibuxtion and other alternative treatments to help with my chronic pain so I can continue doing a job I love.
Dr. Xiao did a very thorough intake and looked at my lab results that I brought with me. She suggested a treatment and that day I received acupuncture, TuiNa massage as well as Moxibuxtion. After the treatment (immediately) I felt physical relief from pain and felt mentally balanced, less anxiety and less brain fog! I received my second treatment a week later, and felt just as wonderful! For me, the benefits last for about a week but I see definite changes in the amount of pain that I am in. The pain has been subsiding to a point that I am not in tears after a long day of massage. I am excited to try her herbal remedies as well! 
So after nearly a year of being shuffled from one Dr to the next, countless tests and imaging procedures, several thousand dollars in debt for medical costs my insurance didn’t cover only to receive absolutely zero help from western medicine, Great Wall Chinese Medicine got straight to the point and offered relief in ONE visit for a very fair price. I will be continuing my treatments and I also recommend Great Wall to my clients! If you are suffering and receiving no help from medical Drs, please try Traditional Chinese Medicine at Great Wall. This place saved my life."

-Casey Marie 4/3/2019

Acute Rheumatoid Arthritis

"I am a prime example of complete skepticism when it comes to a natural remedy. Having acute rheumatoid arthritis, I needed help I was greeted by doctor Xiao at an event and felt compelled to give her a shot of helping me with my pain. The staff and the Dr. are extremely compassionate they made me very comfortable through the procedure.   I have now become a true believer when it comes to acupuncture.  I am now a regular at the clinic and will continue my journey for a healthier productive life. Thank you, Dr Xiao. Did I mention the massages are the best ever?"

-Sandra R. 5/2/2017

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