Fee Schedule

Payment Method Accepted: Credit card, Check, Cash, Health Saving Account (HSA) & FLexible Spending Account (FSA). 

Insurance Accepted: Motor Vehicle Accident, Worker's Compensation, Veterans Affairs and other health insurance with out-of-network acupuncture benefits.

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GWCM 2020 Service & Price

  • New Patient

1.  TCM Consultation: $155 /30 minutes, with Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) Doctor and one-week herbs medicine. Doctor will go over your recent lifestyle and medical history, reviewing indicated patients’ allopathic reports, depending  upon TCM inspection, comprehensive diagnosis, general health assessment, and give you an alternative treatment plan to help you pursue a new quality of life. 

2.  Special offer: $195/ 120 minutes, 30 minutes consultation, and same day Acupuncture with Comprehensive Treatment if recommended by Doctor’s plan. May Include:  30 minutes TuiNa Massage Therapy, 30-60 minutes Traditional Acupuncture and a week Chinese Herbal Medicine. (Tips for therapist $8 and up are recommend)

3.  Massage Therapy: TuiNa Massage / Deep Tissue/ Swedish/ Hot Stone/ Reflexology:

  •      60 Min $90 (Tips for therapist $10 and up are recommend)
  •     90 min $120 (Tips for therapist $15 and up are recommend)

  • Established  Patient

* * *   Prior to each session, The Doctor will briefly discuss any new issue or concern. * See Dr. Xiao $25/add to each session.  * Same day additional one side acupuncture cost ½ of the price.  * Therapeutic Modality: $40 each. Manual Therapy, Moxibustion, Herb Foot Soaking, Cupping, Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation. You can choose any of the above to add to your session (Tips for therapist $8 and up are recommend).  * Chinese Medical Consultation: $80 /30 minutes for 1-3week herb medicine.

1. Traditional Acupuncture: $125. up to 60 minutes. Enjoy the art and listen to the relaxing music in your private room.  It is beneficial for Acute Pain, Depression, Aging, Rejuvenation and Maintaining Health etc.    * Prepay 5 session: $115/each. * Prepay 10 session: $110/each.

2. Holistic Treatment: $160. up to 90 minutes Acupuncture with 30 moments TuiNa Therapy or choice of another Therapeutic Modality. The well-trained Therapist will help you prepare for Acupuncture, followed by music to rejuvenate your body and mind. Good for Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Lupus, Arthritis, Cold and Flu, etc.  (Tips for therapist $8 and up are recommend)   * Prepay 5 session: $150/each.   * Prepay 10 session: $145/each.

3. Integrative Treatment: $190. up to 120 minutes Acupuncture with 30 moments TuiNa Therapy plus one other Therapeutic Modality. Spend quality time to heal yourself and to be refreshed. Great session to help issues such as IBS, IBD, PMS, Menopause, Diarrhea, Integrative for patient with Chemo treatment, Infertility, Bell's Palsy, etc. (Tips for therapist $15 and up are recommend)   * Prepay 5 session: $180/each. * Prepay 10 session: $175/each. 

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