Mission Statement: The Great Wall Chinese Medicine (GWCM) encourages a happy and healthy lifestyle by providing the finest care to every patient through comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Dr. Qingsong Xiao and her late brother, Dr. Puquan Xiao, founder of Yangtze Medical Center are third-generation Chinese medicine practitioners. The doctors gained extensive experience by working in some of the most prestigious medical facilities in Beijing, China. Dr. Xiao then made the life changing decision to immigrate to the United States in 1999 and began treating patients in Phoenix, Arizona a few years later. Following in their father’s footsteps, the sister and brother duo combined their specialties to establish Great Wall Chinese Medicine (GWCM). Their first clinic was opened in Old Town Scottsdale in 2006. After years of practicing together, the siblings expanded their practice and established individual business locations. In 2011, Dr. Qingsong Xiao took control of the Scottsdale clinic and moved to a larger, more populated location to establish the ever-growing GWCM in operation today. Dr. Puquan Xiao opened his practice and established Yangtze Medical Center in Phoenix. 

Timeline of Events

2002-2006 (Early Days): Dr. Qingsong Xiao and her late brother Dr. Puquan Xiao are third generation Chinese medicine practitioners. Following in the footsteps of their father, who practiced traditional Chinese medicine in mainland china for many years, Dr. Qingsong and Puquan Xiao began treating patients in 2002 at the Phoenix Indoor Swap Meet. 

2006: Dr. Qingsong Xiao and Puquan Xiao established Great Wall Chinese Medicine at its very first office in Old Town Scottsdale. Soon they were joined by Dr. Vance Inouye, an Arizona-licensed board certified Naturopathic Physician who began serving the Phoenix area in 1998. Despite the busy schedule at the GWCM clinic in Scottsdale, the three doctors continued to see many patients at the Phoenix Indoor Swap Meet until in 2008 when it closed down.

2011: GWCM moved to a larger office in Old Town Scottsdale. Dr. Puquan Xiao opened his own practice in Phoenix, Yangtze Medical Center. Dr. Vance Inouye opened his own practice in Mesa. 

2013-2014: GWCM moved to its current location in Scottsdale. This new clinic was twice the size of our old office with 10 treatment rooms as well as a large activity room. This activity room allowed us to incorporate other kinds of wellness programs including yoga and Taichi classes. This room has more recently been used for demonstrations and group acupuncture sessions. Scottsdale's Mayor Lane joined us for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the grand opening of the current Scottsdale Office


2018: GWCM opened its second clinic in Chandler, AZ. This newest location in Chandler is the largest office GWCM has ever been in. With 16 treatment rooms, it has  allowed GWCM to help patients in need all across the valley. Dr. Xiao established the Moxibustion Therapy Center at the Chandler location to provide regular healthcare and promote healthy living. By providing moxibustion treatment with manual therapy, it focuses on enhancing immune system, balancing endocrine, aesthetic skincare, reducing stress or many other issues. To learn more about our Moxibustion Therapy Center please visit  this page.

Key Events

In 2011, GWCM hosted a 10-day Medical Continuing Education Tour for patients and professionals in China. The mission was not only to boost awareness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the U.S., but to begin a bi-cultural discussion and collaboration between these two countries.

From 2016 to 2017, GWCM collaborated with EMed Research Center for 3 courses of the 5 Elements Health Program targeting the diabetic and high risk diabetic population by providing acupuncture treatment, herbal medicine, and routine examinations. For more information about the program please visit  EMed Research Center.

Interesting Stories in Early Days

Some patients, that began seeing us when we were at the Swap Mart, continue to see and rely on us for their pain, health, and general well being.

"When GWCM was at the swap mart, there was a couple who would come in to get treatment every time they got paid. Because our treatment was so affordable (at the time it was $75 for acupuncture and massage) and effective, they were so happy to come and see us. The husband would also pay my daughter, who was about 3 at the time, quarters to sing him songs during acupuncture. It was amazing to see the interactions between patients and my young daughter and to see the happiness that my treatments brought."

-Dr. Xiao 

At GWCM’s first Scottsdale location, there was a patient who frequented the emergency room due to hernia’s in his small intestine. He came to GWCM and every time he came to see Dr. Xiao, she told him that if he could do the horse stance, which is a popular but tough QiGong breathing exercise, then he could get his treatment for free. A month later, he healed himself with QiGong and acupuncture and after that he began training his family with QiGong. 

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