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EMed and GWCM Holliday Party 2017

 January 5, 2018 

Great Wall Chinese Medicine (GWCM) & EMed Research Center (EMed RC) recently hosted a Holiday party for over 200 patients as well as 5 Elements graduates and their families. As patients, participants and family members arrived for the party on Saturday, one patient was overheard saying, “I learned never to miss an event that GWCM hosts because it is done right with great food!”. We thank you for that wonderful compliment!

During the ceremony, two patients spoke and shared the effects that the program has had on their lives. Another participant could not make it, but was kind enough to share his story on video. His life is so different because of the program and he felt it was very important to take time out to share his journey with our guests. Several GWCM patient stories were also on display around the room. This was a great way for our patients to share their personal feelings and results.

Carol, a patient of Dr. Xiao’s was treated for cancer initially and then later thyroid issues. She was able to confirm great results for both. Her husband witnessed the treatment Carol received and now is a patient of GWCM himself! Another patient’s story was shared by Amy. After 3 months of infertility treatment, Amy and her husband conceived a baby girl, who she calls, “Dr. Xiao’s daughter!”. Joel and his wife also attended the party. They both shared details of 14 years ago when he had occupational issues and injuries from Taekwondo. Dr. Xiao has now been treating Joel and his family for many years now.

An important part of the evening was the wonderful and talented performances. Hope Chinese School has performed at each of the graduation ceremonies. The dancers have been creative and beautifully choregraphed, combining Chinese culture with American culture! Traditional musical instruments were played beautifully as part of the Chinese cultural demonstration. The Asian Tea Association introduced Chinese Tea culture to attendees.

Since 2016, EMed Research Center has completed 3 very successful 5 Elements courses. GWCM initiated EMed, which utilizes modern scientific research to study traditional Chinese medicine. The details of the study show significant improvement in HbA1C, hypertension and cholesterol both during and after treatment. This complex management improves quality of life, stress levels, sleep quality, and energy levels.

It is important to note that the most recent course was held once weekly instead of twice weekly as the first two courses. The results show the success of the program. The next 5 Elements program will be offered March and October of 2018. Please contact our office via email, [email protected] for more information. We are pleased to announce our new location in Chandler, opening in February 2018!

Great Wall Chinese Medicine, established in 2006, began EMed Research Center in 2015. It has always been Dr. Xiao’s dream to build a beautiful bridge between Eastern and Western medicine.

We want to thank everyone for the time and effort put into making this such a great success. This includes Big Thank You to The Clayton House, Jasmine Tokyo Asian Buffet, De from Tang Dynasty for serving hot pot, fellow colleagues and staff.

We only have time for what we believe is important! Remember, your own health and wellness should be at the top of that list!

- Great Wall Chinese Medicine and EMed Research Center Team 


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