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  • Years in Practice:

    25 Years

  • School:

    Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

  • Year Graduated:


  • License No. and State:

    0522 Arizona

Dr. Xiao is the founder and chief practitioner at Great Wall Chinese Medicine and EMed Research Center, and has been practicing Chinese Comprehensive Treatment for twenty five years. She is one of the top practitioners in the country and has practiced in Scottsdale since 2006. Dr. Xiao has a PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] from American Liberty University and two Master’s Degrees in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and South Baylo University respectively. She has established an outstanding partnership with the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) in Beijing, China that offers fellow practitioners continuing education courses and training. She has held an active role in The World Federation of Chinese Medicine, promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine to the world. More recently, she founded EMed Research Center, a long time dream in combining Eastern and Western Medicine, utilizing modern scientific methods to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Xiao is an outstanding leader in her benefits to the community while practicing hands-on healing with patients on a daily basis. When asked about the name of her Clinic, Great Wall Chinese Medicine, Dr. Xiao stated, “The Great Wall of China is the symbol of the ancient strength, determination and knowledge of my ancestors and those Masters who came before me to discover and teach Traditional Chinese Medicine so that I can bring that knowledge to others.”


She first apprenticed under her father for Chinese Herbal Remedies in her early childhood. Her second apprenticeship was for Qigong and took place under a Martial Arts Master at Shaolin Temple, Hernan, China. Her third apprenticeship was for Qigong and took place under a Martial Arts Master at Shaolin Temple, Hernan, China. Fourth apprenticeship was under Dr. Zhou Shi Fang, and focused on Non-Surgical Orthopedics and Traumatology (3 years) Finally, her last apprenticeship as an adult once again took place under her father – for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice and treatments in the fields of hypnosis and psychotherapy.


Ph D., 2007 American Liberty University, Orange, CA | Thesis Research: TCM Treatment for Depression, 2006, Dongguk Royal University Los Angeles, CA | M S. Oriental Medicine, 2005 South Baylo University, Anaheim, CA | M S. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, 1991 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China | Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at School of Basic Medical Science | Acupuncture and Chinese Therapeutic Massage & Manipulation at Beijing College of Acupuncture- Moxibusition at The China Academy of TCM Orthopedics Research Institute, Beijing, China, 1992 | Clinical Residences – Specialized in Non-Surgical Orthopedics for knee treatment, 1992 Beijing College of Acupuncture- Moxibustion | Acupuncture internship training under Dr. Gen En Guang, focusing on treating sinus and sciatica, 1988 GuanAnMen Hospital of China Academy of TCM, Orthopedics Research Institute, Beijing, China.


OMD comprehensive diagnosis and general health assessment (non-invasive, not including x-rays) for fast pain relief | Integrative diagnosis and prognosis: traditional Oriental medicine diagnosis while reviewing patients’ Western allopathic reports, if available | The holistic treatment of otherwise difficult to manage health issues, “idiopathic” symptoms or pain manifestations. | Therapeutic TuiNa massage, full body, clothes-on | Therapeutic acupuncture/acupressure | Non-surgical Chinese osteopathic treatment | Preparation of medicinal herbal remedies or supplements Lifestyle pain management, post or pre-surgery; rehab management post-accident or post-trauma | Rejuvenation and anti-aging as wellness enhancement | Breathing and therapeutic exercises adapted from Zen meditation and Chinese Martial Arts.

Dr. Yufeng Shen O.M.D., L.Ac

Dr. Yufeng Shen is the Assitant Practitioner of Great Wall Chinese Medicine. Dr. Shen joined our GWCM Team since March 2017. He has been assisting Dr. Qingsong Xiao to treat patients, treating patients under Dr. Xiao’s guidance, and as well as seeing patient during Dr. Xiao’s absence.

On the other hand, Dr. Shen has been assisting acupuncture treatments of EMed Research Center’s Diabetes research project for 2 courses now.


Master of Science in Oriental Medicine of Dongguk University Los Angeles; Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine of Dongguk University Los Angeles.


Licensed acupuncturist in both Arizona and California.

Darin Zimmerman L.AC

In 2016, we welcome a new colleague, Darin, to share space at GWCM and help our established patients that are in great needs during Dr. Xiao’s absence. We now proudly welcome Darin as a GWCM Team member in 2018.

Moreover, Darin has been collaborating with Dr. Xiao in a diabetes research project at EMed Research Center for 3 courses since 2016.


Masters of Acupuncture from Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture; Bachelors of Science from Olivet Nazarene University


Licensed acupuncturist in Arizona


Selina Li

Selina is a licensed massage therapist and a licensed aesthetician. She joined our team in 2016 and has been assisting with TuiNa Massage Therapy, Cupping, Moxibustion, and Facial Spa.

TuiNa Massage Therapy, Facial Spa, Cupping, and Moxibustion.


  • Years in Practice:


  • School:

    LiaoNing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Major in Acupuncture and TuiNa

  • Year Graduated:


  • TuiNa

Bo graduated from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine majoring in Acupuncture and TuiNa. He had served as Liaoning Men’s Volleyball Team doctor and joined our GWCM team in May 2014.



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