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Dr. Lin Yan Ph.D, L.AC
Dr. Lin Yan Ph.D, L.AC

A Little History

Dr. Yan was born in China. As a young man, he earned his Master’s in Economics, but he had a passion for helping people and decided to pursue medicine. He spent 10 years studying acupressure and shiatzu therapy massage techniques in Japan and worked in a chiropractor’s clinic for 4 years.

Dr. Yan then moved to the United States to attend medical school, completing his initial studies at Dongguk Royal University in 2005 and completing his PhD at American Liberty University in 2008 where he met Dr. Xiao.

For years, he traveled between Arizona and California to help collaborate with GWCM and the EMed Research Center studying diabetes and working with Native Americans.


Dr. Yan played an important role in the success of the 5 Elements Health Program in 2016, designed to help patients with Pre-diabetes and Diabetes.

He was invited to teach TuiNa therapy at Alhambra Medical University for two years.

Joining the Team

Dr. Yan joined the GWCM team in 2018 when they added their second office in Chandler. He has brought the gifts of his knowledge, happy nature, and his home-made dumplings, which we enjoy immensely!

Dr. Yan focuses on pain management, chronic pain, and complicated medical issues. He speaks primarily Chinese, and floating Japanese, but does understand a little English.

On a Personal Level

Dr. Yan is happily married to his wife in China and shares her love of food and cooking. His wife is joining us in Arizona in August and we look forward to getting to know her! He is very proud of his son and grandchild and visits his family often. He has always been very athletic and enjoys swimming and Chinese calligraphy.

A Few Words:

“I have been seeing Dr Yan at the Great Wall Chinese Medicine for my many health problems: migraine headache, eczema, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, just to name a few. With the Integrative Acupuncture treatment package I purchased I get to do a TuiNa massage before the acupuncture treatment, followed by moxibustion/ cupping therapy depends on my condition that specific day. The package was very well thought-out: to relieve patient’s tension before the acupuncture session, and to replenish the body after the healing. The technicians are very professional, well-mannered, and caring. That’s what “healthCARE” is about, right? I struggle to get a better massage elsewhere after I experienced one of their’s. The frequency of my migraine reduced dramatically after just a few sessions, I can also stop taking steroid for my eczema now. My chronic fatigue and hormone level also improved as I visit routinely, I understand this will take some time as it took years of stress for the symptoms to develop. I am grateful the new Chandler office opened, which is closer to where I live.”

-Jade A.

“I first came to Great Wall Chinese Medicine 2 years ago for neck pain. This was very successful treatment for me. In November 2020, shoulder pain was very bad. I have completed 5 treatments and now have much better range of motion! Dr Xiao and Dr Yan are helping me with each session. They’re very thorough and after a few more times, I look forward to full range of motion with no shoulder pain. Thank you GWCM! I purchased 20 sessions when my pain came and I knew that taking care of myself quickly was the best choice! I am told that I am a VIP patient and I do feel special. I know that I will feel completely pain free soon and this is why I come back to GWCM!”

-Cindy Wu