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Shaoan Tian, O. M. D, L. Ac

Team Practitioner

We would like to introduce Tian Shaoan, an experienced TCM acupuncturist. He entered Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1977. After graduation, he focused on TCM prescription, acupuncture, Tuina massage and treatment of traumatic injuries. He received a Masters degree and obtained a Chinese acupuncture practitioner certificate issued by the California Acupuncture Bureau.
He has been engaged in traditional Chinese medicine, tuina massage, acupuncture and other medical work for many years.  He strongly believes that TCM has good medical effects and is praised by the majority of patients. 
He has also studied inheritance and research of Taoist culture, helping people with spiritual health counseling and health preservation.
He maintains the belief that there is a spiritual resonance between doctors and patients, using the Taoist culture of Dao medical principles to solve patients mental illness. He is known to apply the most simple way to solve the pain of the patient, which helps the patient recover quickly, with satisfactory results.
With the strong foundation of medical care and the mission statement of serving the people, Great Wall Chinese Medicine enables patients to continue to obtain high-quality services.

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