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Acupuncture has been successfully used to treat many different issues. Below are patients written testimonials concerning their experience at Great Wall Chinese Medicine. All testimonials are categorized together based on what they were treated for. 

Pain Management

"Very quiet and relaxing environment, nice staff and caring doctors. I had sever back pain for the past two weeks, went in for treatment 3 times now and the pain is gone. The doctors were really patient during consultation, TuiNa was really helpful when it comes to relaxing my muscles and the entire body as well. They would not only provide treatment for the problem you went in with, but also they would help with other little issues you might have. Like for me, I caught flu during the sessions, Dr.Xiao was nice enough to make me feel better. Overall, I enjoyed my experiences, but the most important thing is that they fixed my back so I don't have to deal with back pain again." 

-Gabriella Y. 3/19/2018

"I want to thank you for the great progress that I have made since I started acupuncture treatments. When I started three weeks ago it was a real struggle and extremely painful for me to hobble into your office from my car. My cane carried most of the weight of my right leg. Yesterday I walked from my car into your office without my cane and by walking slowly the pain, I had been having, was basically gone. I still have a ways to go to be back to normal but I am getting better with each treatment. This has given my mind so much relief, that I no longer consider myself a cripple. Thanks again. You have my permission to show this letter to any of your patients. There were times when I first started my treatments that I wasn't sure they were doing any good. It was your positive assurance that kept me to continue. Then I begin to see improvement. I can't wait to tell you that I am well again"

-Eldon Archer

"I started seeing Dr. Xiao in June 2012, about a year after having thyroid cancer. After the surgery and RAI treatment for the thyroid cancer through Western doctors, I had been having extreme nausea, vomiting, fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness. I began seeing Dr. Xiao once or twice a week for acupuncture and some reflexology. Within four or five treatments I felt significant improvement. After about 2 months of treatment, I felt very close to normal for the first time in more than a year! I am very thankful to Dr. Xiao and her staff for the care."

-William Shelley

I came in this morning for neck pain. The front desk helped me book the soonest appointment with short responses time. Dr. Xiao is the magician of Acupuncture. I have neck pain, but she put acupuncture needles on my back lower leg, and them really worked!!!!! She really knows what she is doing. Come check it out if you have any type of pain or other issues. You will be surprised how Chinese medicine can do to your body the good way!

-Dongdi W. 6/6/2018

I recently visited GWCM for my lower back pain that was so bad it was affecting my walking, sitting and everyday life.  I also was experiencing a shooting pain down my left leg that was so sharp I almost couldn't get upstairs at work.  I went in was blown away by the office, there are multiple treatment rooms, a great atmosphere and the staff is so nice and helpful.

I saw Dr. Xiao first and she went through ever question you could imagine, she was very in-depth, which made me feel good knowing she cared.  She recommended TuiNa massage and acupuncture.  After 1 visit my pain level went from a 9 to a 1-2 and after my second visit last week it is almost completely gone.

I cannot say enough about the care given and the help that I received!  I would recommend to anyone for pain relief and so much more, they truly do it all.

-Curtis B. 1/19/2015

This is an awesome place. I woke up in the morning with great pain in my neck and shoulder. I thought it will go away quickly but it didn't. I have been to the Scottsdale location before and I am well aware of their services and reputation. When I felt I do need to see a doctor, and I made an urgent call around noon time and can't believe that they accept me for the same day appointment. The Chandler location is nice and spacious, and easy to find following the navigation. I checked in and waited for just 10 mins and the staff are so friendly. Dr. Xiao is very friendly, and she listened carefully to understand my problem. She is also very professional, and she has clear treatment plan for my issue. Lisa provided me very good massage to help relax my back muscles and gave me a lot of good tips for improving my muscles condition in the future. I felt much better after the treatment, and I do highly recommend this place for the professional, and good services!

-Qinghua H 4/4/2018


"I chose GWCM for Dr. Xiao's experience, knowledge, and personality. I visited for IBS and headaches. I would absolutely refer friends/family/patients to her and have already done so. I have never seen another acupuncturist/OMD because I don't need to! I have had great results and wouldn't go anywhere else!" 

-Rebecca Llaca, Doctor of Chiropractic


"I received a gift certificate to get a 30 minute massage. I've had massages before and I have to say this is the best one I've ever had. BEST MASSAGE EVER. I have scoliosis and I work out on a regular basis. I do rock climbing and TRX/Pilates. So my back muscles tend to get over worked. Beau was recommended to me and I loved how he was able to focus on my problem areas without me having to tell him where those areas were. He evaluated me and promptly began treatment. His technique is amazing, I loved that he wasn't afraid to use deep tissue pressure and adjust me accordingly." 

-Cynthia H.


"Very clean, well run facility. People are very friendly and helpful. Was experiencing severe sciatica with pain in my left leg. After two epidurals and physical therapy, I experienced no relief. After two visits with Dr. Xiao, the pain was gone and I got off all the  western medicines I was on, just to get through the day. I am continuing treatment and feel better after each treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Xiao."

 -Jim R. 1/5/2018

"I am very optimistic about finding different ways of healing without having to take western medicine. For the most part western medicines have become dangerous and can be addicting. I have a bad case of sciatica and have been working with Bo, the massages Dr who has been a tremendous help. I know his hands are healing hands and in time I know my symptoms will disappear. I am in the early stages of my massage plan to heal n I have to admit I feel a 75% difference each time I leave his table. I couldn't be more happy with the results and the way I feel each time I leave the office - I highly recommend this place if you want to be healed holistically. The staff is wonderful, respectful and always ready to recommend a new way to heal."

-Thaylia Kewanwytewa 7/13/2017

Acute Rheumatoid Arthritis

"I am a prime example of complete skepticism when it comes to a natural remedy. Having acute rheumatoid arthritis, I needed help I was greeted by doctor Xiao at an event and felt compelled to give her a shot of helping me with my pain. The staff and the Dr. are extremely compassionate they made me very comfortable through the procedure.   I have now become a true believer when it comes to acupuncture.  I am now a regular at the clinic and will continue my journey for a healthier productive life. Thank you, Dr Xiao. Did I mention the massages are the best ever?"

-Sandra R. 5/2/2017

Fractured Bones

"I recently had a dislocated and fractured ribs.  Very painful.  I flew from Oregon to Phoenix to see Dr. Xiao.  I was treated for 5 days in a row, then had to leave town.  Came back in 2 weeks for 2 additional treatments, and in 5 Weeks! I was fully recovered.  Really amazing to me and the fact that 2 1/2 months later, I don't have any pain form the fracture.  I can't say enough about the staff at Great Wall and the wonderful care I have received over the years.  Thank you, Dr. Xiao!"

-Neil L. 1/9/2017


"I am a seasonal resident in Scottsdale and immediately when I arrived in January 2014 got sick.  I went to urgent care but all they could do was give me antibiotics and the first one I took made me feel worse.    I called Great Wall and they got me in right away and over the period of just a few weeks I am feeling well again.  Dr. Xiao is a gifted healer and cares for the whole person not just the symptoms. She has kept me supported through some very stressful personal situations so that I could fully function and be of service.  Her staff is excellent and Bo who does the preliminary massage is excellent.  She has recently added another talented doctor so that the practice can grow.  I highly recommend this clinic."

-Mary K. 4/1/2015

Hormone Levels

I began seeing Dr.Xiao a few months ago because I was told my hormone levels were not within normal range (FSH level over 40).  I read about traditional Chinese medicine and thought I'd give it a try.  I absolutely love going there I feel so relaxed and calm and I love the entire staff.  After a few months of seeing Dr.Xiao I had my hormone levels checked again and my FSH level was 3!!! I was so concerned about my hormones that I had not realized that I also didn't need my inhaler and daily allergy medicine any longer.  I guess it helped me with that too!!! I am still seeing Dr.Xiao and I wish I could see her EVERYDAY .  Thank you so much

-Aileen V. G. 8/7/2018

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