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5 Elements Health Series: Wood Energy Day 1

On November 8th, 2023, Great Wall Chinese Medicine hosted our 5 Elements Wood Energy Workshop to kick off our 5 Elements Health Series.Staff, patients, instructors, and new members of the community joined together for social greetings and refreshments. Master Yong Qing Yang led the group through an energy lifting Taiji session in our parking lot to allow for fresh air and time in nature.Dr. Xiao led the group through breathwork and energy exercise to help support the health and vitality of the liver and gallbladder system to bring balance to emotional issues associated with anger to lead a more calming life. Ji Wu led a calming meditation to help relax and reconnect to the body while Dr. Xiao administered acupuncture.Attendees described theevent as energizing and some even reported better sleep that night.

5 Elements Health Series Is held every Wednesday and Saturday (schedule subject through the holiday). Upcoming events will be held on November 15, 18, 29 and December 6, 9, 13, and 16.Each session will be different than the previous session to bring overall wellness and balance through the 5 Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element addresses a different part of the body. Wood is associated with anger, fire associated with anxiety, earth associated with worry, metal is associated with grief and sadness, and water is associated with grief and fear. You may attend all events to bring overall balance to your mind and body.

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