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Written Testimonials

Testimonials from patients

Written Testimonials

“I want to thank you for the great progress that I have made since I started acupuncture treatments. When I started three weeks ago it was a real struggle and extremely painful for me to hobble into your office from my car. My cane carried most of the weight of my right leg. Yesterday I walked from my car into your office without my cane and by walking slowly the pain, I had been having, was basically gone. I still have a ways to go to be back to normal but I am getting better with each treatment. This has given my mind so much relief, that I no longer consider myself a cripple. Thanks again. You have my permission to show this letter to any of your patients. There were times when I first started my treatments that I wasn’t sure they were doing any good. It was your positive assurance that kept me to continue. Then I begin to see improvement. I can’t wait to tell you that I am well again”

- Eldon Archer
Pain Management

“Very quiet and relaxing environment, nice staff and caring doctors. I had sever back pain for the past two weeks, went in for treatment 3 times now and the pain is gone. The doctors were really patient during consultation, TuiNa was really helpful when it comes to relaxing my muscles and the entire body as well. They would not only provide treatment for the problem you went in with, but also they would help with other little issues you might have. Like for me, I caught flu during the sessions, Dr.Xiao was nice enough to make me feel better. Overall, I enjoyed my experiences, but the most important thing is that they fixed my back so I don’t have to deal with back pain again.” 

- Gabriella Y.
Pain Management

“The staff here is awesome and the results I have seen are amazing. I have bulging discs and back spasms but since I started coming here my pain is down, I’m sleeping better, and I’m much more relaxed. This place is great for Veterans!”

- Tyler K.
Pain Management

“Have you ever wondered where the East meets the West? I tore my meniscus long jumping in high school. After three evaluations from different doctors, I had part of my meniscus removed. 10 years later my knee started hurting again. The doctors told me to remove the rest of my meniscus. It didn’t really make sense, but I am not a doctor! I decided to visit my first Chinese acupuncturist in Chinatown, San Francisco. They connected electrodes to the needles and within 20 minutes my IT band “let go”. No more knee pain. Every five years or so I need the treatment again, but only from highly experienced, Chinese medical practitioners.  At Great Wall Chinese medicine, together, Dr. Xiao and Yan have 60 years of experience in Chinese medicine, and are trained in Western practice. The Great Wall is my AZ place where the East meets the West. Dr. Xiao performs near miracle, medical massage, coupled with traditional Chinese acupuncture.  Go here first if you have pain. It may not save your life, but could save you from going under the knife!”

- Brad B.
Pain Management

“I have pain problem before, I always need back message to keep my muscle relax and prevent the pain come back. Great wall Chinese medicine has great message therapist which they called Tuina Therapist. I love it. I become a regular here. Also, Dr Xiao is such a experienced and knowledge person. She also help me adjust my back and teach me how to prevent the pain come back. I am so grade I found them. Thanks.”

- Daniel Wu
Pain Management

“Last week I could not walk because I kicked an ice bag and injured my knee. 
I tried to apply my own herbs from the market but they damaged my skin. Dr Xiao gave me herbs to heal my skin first. Then she diagnosed a torn ligament of some kind and sent me for an MRI.  Two days later I returned for treatment. 
The report showed ACL sprain. Once my skin recovered I saw Dr Yan for treatment.  I could not walk or put pressure on my knee. After 2 office visits, I can walk, I can stand straight and I have full range of motion! I appreciate what GWCM did for me.”

- Ma Guo Quan
Pain Management

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