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New Patient

Start living a more happy and healthy lifestyle

Your first visit

What To Expect

Treatments will last about two hours for new patients so please plan accordingly. Appointments begin with a one on one consultation with a doctor followed by a 30 minute TuiNa massage session with one of our massage therapist. Lastly, you will have an hour long acupuncture session.

What to bring:

Simple steps to a healthy life

Before and After Treatment

Before Your Treatment

Schedule Wisely, Don't Rush

Avoid scheduling last minute acupuncture appointments or doing something really strenuous before or after. You don’t need to be sedentary, but nor should you be going nuts at the gym. The more calm you are the better.

EAT, Avoid Coffee

Eat about two hours before your appointment. You don’t want to show up full or hungry as it can leave you feeling lightheaded or physically depleted. Avoid coffee, as it kicks your body into a sympathetic state causing inaccurate pulse and tongue readings.

Avoid Alcohol

The goal of acupuncture is to bring more awareness to how we feel.  It helps us see situations and our symptoms with more clarity. Impairing the senses with alcohol is not helpful. 

Wear Loose Clothing

Loose clothing allows the acupuncturist easy access to places where they need to place needles. Loose clothing usually makes things easier for you and the practitioner.

After Your Treatment


Go easy. Don’t help your friend move into a sixth-floor apartment. Don’t stay up really late that night. Some people get a jolt of energy after acupuncture. Resting allows the physical and emotional restoration that acupuncture sets in motion to continue.

Light Exercises

Gradual movement can be a nice adjunct to an acupuncture treatment—but be gentle. If you’re a runner, try walking on the day you have acupuncture. If you normally take advanced yoga classes, take a beginner or intermediate class.

Use Heat

Many pain conditions are caused by stagnation. Things are not moving smoothly causing blockages that lead to pain. Acupuncture restores that flow, helping to eliminate blockages. Ice is counterproductive—it causes things to remain stagnant.

Eat, Avoid Coffee & Alcohol

Eat foods that would make you feel nourished and healthy and avoid fast food. Staying hydrated as it helps flush out toxins. Both alcohol and coffee cause dehydrating effects on the body, so they should be avoided.

Feel better today

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Ideal clients are those seeking alternative medicine treatments that are provided by utilizing a combination of different Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
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