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What our patients say about us

Written Testimonials

I am a prime example of complete skepticism when it comes to a natural remedy. Having acute rheumatoid arthritis, I needed help I was greeted by doctor Xiao at an event and felt compelled to give her a shot of helping me with my pain. The staff and the Dr. are extremely compassionate they made me very comfortable through the procedure.   I have now become a true believer when it comes to acupuncture.  I am now a regular at the clinic and will continue my journey for a healthier productive life. Thank you, Dr Xiao. Did I mention the massages are the best ever?

- Sandra R.
Autoimmune Diseases

I have been seeing Dr Yan at the Great Wall Chinese Medicine for my many health problems: migraine headache, eczema, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, just to name a few. With the Integrative Acupuncture treatment package I purchased I get to do a TuiNa massage before the acupuncture treatment, followed by moxibustion/ cupping therapy depends on my condition that specific day. The package was very well thought-out: to relieve patient’s tension before the acupuncture session, and to replenish the body after the healing. The technicians are very professional, well-mannered, and caring. That’s what “healthCARE” is about, right? I struggle to get a better massage elsewhere after I experienced one of their’s. The frequency of my migraine reduced dramatically after just a few sessions, I can also stop taking steroid for my eczema now. My chronic fatigue and hormone level also improved as I visit routinely, I understand this will take some time as it took years of stress for the symptoms to develop. I am grateful the new Chandler office opened, which is closer to where I live.

- Jade
Endocrine Disorders

I have been practicing Emergency and Urgent care Medicine for over 15 years but yet am not interested in prescription pain medication or surgery for chronic low back pain. I discovered Dr. Xiao last year. She has been working with me and I have experienced tremendous improvement in my symptoms through acupuncture and manual therapy. I will continue to seek her treatment for ongoing care and have referred my patients to her who are interested in exploring other methods of treatment for their conditions. Thank you Dr. Xiao!

- Gregory Pritchard
Pain Management

Video Testimonials

Letters from our clients

Some of our wonderful clients write us letters after their treatment to let us know how our treatments changed their lifestyle and improved their health. Read the latest letter below.
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Ideal clients are those seeking alternative medicine treatments that are provided by utilizing a combination of different Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
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