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Bo Liu, L MT, O.M.D.

Joining the GWCM team

Bo joined GWCM in May 2014 where our patients have enjoyed his “warm hands” and good nature. He started with us as a massage therapist, but also works with meridian points, joint issues, and arthropathic pain and dislocation. Dr. Xiao has trained him for Zheng Gu therapy and has excelled with it. Bo has an ease in working with patients and has a soothing effect on them. His skills compliment those of Dr. Tian and Dr. Xiao and we count him as a valuable member of our team. He understands more English than he can speak.


Bo graduated in 2009 from LiaoNing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a major in Acupuncture and TuiNa.

He is currently working on his doctorate and his licensing for his acupuncture certificate.


Served as the LioNing Men’s Volleyball Team doctor before joining GWCM.

A Few Words:

“This is the first time trying 30mins TuiNa for my neck ache with doctor Bo. Bo is professional and I can feel my neck is way better after the treatment. Efficacious treatment and definitely recommend it.”

-Xinyue W.

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