“Have you ever wondered where the East meets the West? I tore my meniscus long jumping in high school. After three evaluations from different doctors, I had part of my meniscus removed. 10 years later my knee started hurting again. The doctors told me to remove the rest of my meniscus. It didn’t really make sense, but I am not a doctor! I decided to visit my first Chinese acupuncturist in Chinatown, San Francisco. They connected electrodes to the needles and within 20 minutes my IT band “let go”. No more knee pain. Every five years or so I need the treatment again, but only from highly experienced, Chinese medical practitioners.  At Great Wall Chinese medicine, together, Dr. Xiao and Yan have 60 years of experience in Chinese medicine, and are trained in Western practice. The Great Wall is my AZ place where the East meets the West. Dr. Xiao performs near miracle, medical massage, coupled with traditional Chinese acupuncture.  Go here first if you have pain. It may not save your life, but could save you from going under the knife!”