I have been seeing Dr Yan at the Great Wall Chinese Medicine for my many health problems: migraine headache, eczema, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, just to name a few. With the Integrative Acupuncture treatment package I purchased I get to do a TuiNa massage before the acupuncture treatment, followed by moxibustion/ cupping therapy depends on my condition that specific day. The package was very well thought-out: to relieve patient’s tension before the acupuncture session, and to replenish the body after the healing. The technicians are very professional, well-mannered, and caring. That’s what “healthCARE” is about, right? I struggle to get a better massage elsewhere after I experienced one of their’s. The frequency of my migraine reduced dramatically after just a few sessions, I can also stop taking steroid for my eczema now. My chronic fatigue and hormone level also improved as I visit routinely, I understand this will take some time as it took years of stress for the symptoms to develop. I am grateful the new Chandler office opened, which is closer to where I live.