“I have been successfully treated by Dr. Xiao for 2 very different conditions.

1) I suffered a CTD / RSI hand/wrist injury due to my profession. Rehabilitation doctors are not trained to detect minor amounts of inflammation and use a pain scale of 1-10 to quantify a patient’s condition, or use expensive and uncomfortable diagnostic tests. For a minor inflammatory condition, hand therapy and anti-inflammatory medicines were the prescribed course of action. Unfortunately, a minor onset of more inflammation from overuse is not detectable by the hand therapist either, who is also trained with the pain scale. Dr. Xiao is an expert detecting minor amounts of inflammation and could identify both where and how I sustained it. She used a combination of deep tissue diagnosis and healing massage, herbal remedies, and acupuncture to remove the inflammation. 
Now, I am working with both Dr. Xiao and the hand therapist to build muscle and function. I have regained a tremendous amount of strength and am well on the way towards a full recovery.
2) I had a persistent skin irritation lasting over a year that my dermatologist could not identify and prescribed steriodal creams for. Dr. Xiao recognized it right away as an energy imbalance in the liver channel. She used a combination of herbal remedies and acupuncture and cleared it away permanently after 4 months of treatments.
She is easily one of the best diagnosticians and practitioners that I have ever met, and she truly loves her work. I cannot say enough about how she has dramatically improved my life.”