Exploring the Five Elements Wellness Journey—Liver, Gallbladder, and the Power of Wood Energy

On November 11, 2023, from 5 to 7 p.m., Great Wall Traditional Chinese Medicine in Scottsdale hosted a transformative “Five Elements Health and Wellness” wood energy activity in honor of Veterans Day. The spotlight was on the liver and gallbladder meridian, and the event received enthusiastic feedback from participants.

As the sun set, Master Linda, with over 20 years of experience in ancient Chinese martial arts, led Tai Chi outdoors, emphasizing gradual warm-ups to prevent injuries. Her insightful review at the session’s end proved invaluable.

Before delving into meditation training, Dr. Xiao introduced the concept of wood energy in the “Five Elements Health Care” series, enhancing participants’ understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This laid the foundation for the subsequent acupuncture and meditation, providing a holistic sense of pleasure for both mind and body.

Paul’s debut at the “Five Elements – Wood Energy Health Activity” left a lasting impression. He shared, “After the health-preserving activity, I slept soundly, prompting my wife Patty to join me in prioritizing our health.”

At 7:15 p.m., Leslie, impressed by her experience, extended an invitation to her mom to experience the program during Thanksgiving week.

Join us every Wednesday and Saturday (excluding Thanksgiving week) for the Five Elements Health Series. Upcoming events are scheduled for November 15, 18, and 29, as well as December 6, 9, 13, and 16. Dr. Xiao designs weekly activities based on the five forms of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, promoting overall health and balance. This series targets different organs and meridians, regulating emotions tied to anxiety, worry, sadness, anger, panic, and depression. Participate in five consecutive weeks to embrace a new dimension of physical and mental health and harmony!

Location: 3225 N 75th St. Suite: 200, Scottsdale, AZ

Contact: (602) 751-9496, (480) 429-8881 ext.3, Email: events3225@gmail.com Cost: $135/session, Prepay for 5 sessions: $675 (includes 1 free session)


  • Established patients of Great Wall Traditional Chinese Medicine can sign up for a free trial event.
  • Check with your health insurance provider for potential coverage benefits for participation in activities, especially if you have out-of-network acupuncture coverage.

5 Elements Health Series: Wood Energy Day 1

On November 8th, 2023, Great Wall Chinese Medicine hosted our 5 Elements Wood Energy Workshop to kick off our 5 Elements Health Series.Staff, patients, instructors, and new members of the community joined together for social greetings and refreshments. Master Yong Qing Yang led the group through an energy lifting Taiji session in our parking lot to allow for fresh air and time in nature.Dr. Xiao led the group through breathwork and energy exercise to help support the health and vitality of the liver and gallbladder system to bring balance to emotional issues associated with anger to lead a more calming life. Ji Wu led a calming meditation to help relax and reconnect to the body while Dr. Xiao administered acupuncture.Attendees described theevent as energizing and some even reported better sleep that night.

5 Elements Health Series Is held every Wednesday and Saturday (schedule subject through the holiday). Upcoming events will be held on November 15, 18, 29 and December 6, 9, 13, and 16.Each session will be different than the previous session to bring overall wellness and balance through the 5 Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element addresses a different part of the body. Wood is associated with anger, fire associated with anxiety, earth associated with worry, metal is associated with grief and sadness, and water is associated with grief and fear. You may attend all events to bring overall balance to your mind and body.

5 Elements Health Series

Great Wall Chinese Medicine is excited to start a new 5 Elements Health series for our patients. This program will provide patients with a personalized holistic approach to healthcare where sessions include meditation, acupuncture, refreshments, and therapeutic exercises. We have hosted several programs for our patients in the past with amazing results and are excited to bring back this amazing program. Patients can utilize their insurance if coverage applies. Please submit coverage information during registration so that we can confirm coverage before the program starts.

If you do not have insurance coverage, workshops will cost $135 per session or 5 workshops for a discounted rate of $675 including your first workshop free.

Dr. Xiao is excited to once again lead her personally designed program that blends ancient wisdom with modern knowledge and provides our patients with a balanced approach to healthcare.

Great Wall Chinese Medicine Celebrates Chinese New Year 2023

On January 22, 2023, Great Wall Chinese Medicine hosted a Chinese New Year celebration to bring in the Year of the Rabbit! Staff, patients, and loved ones gathered to share a wonderful meal with dishes from local vendors. Following the meal, guests enjoyed a lion dance performance and martial arts demonstration from World Martial Arts Academy. Afterwards, guests were given the chance to hear from the practitioners working in the offices of Great Wall Chinese Medicine including chiropractor Dr. Jesper Reib, psychic meditative energist Robert Abrams, craniosacral therapist Sarah Cottle, medical beautician Christina Romero, and Senior Helpers of Gilbert & Chandler Chandler Gilbert Geriatric Home Care Training Institute. The event ended with a raffle where guests won sessions with Dr. Reib and Ms. Cottle, gift certificates to Great Wall, and much more!

We were so happy to host an event for the first time since the pandemic and look forward to hosting more events for the community! Special thanks to our staff that helped to set up and coordinate the event. All of us at Great Wall Chinese Medicine wish you a happy and prosperous new year!